Exhibitor Resource Center

Created for all types of exhibitors, first-timers and veterans, the Exhibitor Resource Center contains important information and answers to frequently asked questions. APCO 2017 exhibitors will have access to the following for planning purposes, so check back as information is updated frequently.

APCO Exhibitor Central APCO 2017 Exhibitor Portal
Upload your company logo. (Your logo will appear on the Interactive Floor Plan.) Purchase sponsorship opportunities
Add your company’s social media platforms. Purchase advertising. (APCO 2017 website and email banners and program guide advertising.)
Upload your print profile for the printed program guide, online listing and mobile app. Purchase pre- and post-attendee lists.
Select product categories and services. Purchase meeting room space.
Purchase upgraded listing. Purchase bag stuffer.
Upload press releases. Donate to CAC scholarship. (Provides APCO Members with funds for travel, registration, training, books, etc.)
Upload products (name, description and photo of your product(s).) Purchase session slots in the Presentation Theater.
Make booth payment. Make payment for the above items.
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If you do not have your login credentials for the APCO Exhibitor Central, contact Lauren Turosik at lauren.turosik@spargoinc.com.

Log in to APCO 2017 Exhibitor Portal

If you do not have your login credentials for the for the APCO 2017 Exhibitor Portal, contact Alisa Norris at norrisa@apcointl.org

Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor News

If you have additional questions, contact:

Exhibit Sales Team

Companies that begin with the letters #-E should contact:
Bradley Eubank: (703) 995-2562, bradley.eubank@spargoinc.com

Companies that begin with the letters F-O should contact:
Mike Mene: (703) 679-3944, mike.mene@spargoinc.com

Companies that begin with the letters P-Z should contact:
Colin Pennington: (703) 592-4392, colin.pennington@spargoinc.com

Exhibit Operations

Judy Spargo, CEM: (703) 679-3923, judy.spargo@spargoinc.com
Lauren Turosik: (703) 667-5701, lauren.turosik@spargoinc.com


Lisa C. Williams, CMP, CEM, 571-312-4400 X7003, williamsL2@apcointl.org
Alisa Norris, 571-312-4400 X7007, norrisa@apcointl.org