Resume Review

APCO International is pleased to again offer attendees the opportunity to have their resumes reviewed complimentarily. This initiative was introduced at APCO 2016 and was well received.

The entire experience from the greeters through the follow up was very easy and pleasant. As someone with a lot of experience, I have not paid a great deal of attention to my resume over the years, just kept adding to it as needed. The advice was sound and right on point. I have already made the suggested changes and think it reads much better.

~ Jerry E. (APCO 2016 Attendee)

Your resume is frequently your first and only chance to make a great impression to a prospective employer. Hiring managers often scan your resume for just 10 seconds to see if you’re right for the job. Don’t get overlooked ever again — have your resume critiqued by HR professionals in public safety … for free!

On Monday, August 14 and Tuesday, August 15, two HR professionals from Denver will be available to provide individual feedback and tips on how to enhance your resume and help you advance in your career. Each HR specialist will review resumes in a private and confidential setting from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Reserve your appointment today, as spots fill up fast.

The resume review that I had was I think the top of my list for the best takeaways from the conference. I met with Brian Miller Career Development Analyst from Orlando County Sheriff’s Office. I am encouraged with the improvements to my resume that I will have a better chance of the landing the job I have been aiming for in my career.

~ Nonie M. (APCO 2016 Attendee)

Each appointment is for 20 minutes and the feedback will be well worth it. To make an appointment, send an email to Alisa Norris at today for available time slots. Your information will be kept confidential and only used for the purpose of communicating your appointment details.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must make your appointment by August 4.